Restore Grub

You have Windows and Linux on the same hard disk and you choose GRUB as boot loader. Everything works fine, but one day you decide to reinstall Windows, it rewrites your MBR and grub has gone, now you only can boot windows.

KNetworkManager and KPowersave on Debian Etch

I recently installed Debian Etch with KDE on my laptop, but I missed two essential laptop applications: KNetworkManager and KPowersave.

Disable access keys in Konqueror

If you've ever used Konqueror in kde you might have found those access keys very irritating (you know those small yellow rectangles with letters in them), but you didn't found a way to turn them off? Well, look no further, here's the solution, just enter the following line into the console:

kwriteconfig --file khtmlrc --group "Access Keys" --key Enabled --type bool false

Now, press enter and voila, the access key are send to the eternal lands of /dev/null.

Fix flickering image with subtitles in xine

I'm using xine to play my video and audio files on Linux because it basically plays any video or audio format I've ever came across.

But I kept having the same problem with xine where the video image would sometimes skip a couple of frames backwards or where the video frames or the subtitles would flicker. Because I watch a lot of foreign movies (and my English is not perfect) I need subtitles. So this thing kept irritating me, but, I found a solution.

Autimatically load setting form nvidia-setting at login

I like to change to brightness and contrast of my laptop screen with nvidia-settings, but then theses settings don't get loaded when you login. You first need to run nvidia-settings to load them. But there is a way to load them when you login.

In KDE you can do this by adding the following scrip to ~/.kde/Autostart/


nvidia-settings --load-config-only

Now make it executable:

chmod +x ~/.kde/Autostart/

Now everytime you login nvidia-settings will load the settings, but the settings window will not open. If you have multiple users you'll need to do this for all of them.

I don't know how to do this in Gnome, but I gues it's not hard either.

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